Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Infrared photography with the Nikon D90

With a little sunshine peeking through the winter clouds I stole some time to have a quick play with my recently converted infrared Nikon D90. I have the Nikon AF-S VR 16-85 3.5-5.6G ED lens dedicated to this camera as it has good reviews for IR photography with no hot spots. I was in a hurry so I didn't use live view and I forgot to adjust the sharpening during post processing, ooopsy.

Try as I might I cannot get an in camera customs white balance to set.

The NEF images are very Red, I would have preferred a good WB balance but not to worry, I knew it was a risk when I had the D90 converted  to the Life Pixel super colour 590nm IR filter. I was considering using the BW filter but decided to keep my options open as to how much colour I wanted in a final image.

So starting with a red NEF image I work in Nikon Capture NX2 to set the white balance. 

Now that is sorta cool as it is. Hhmm perhaps some Vampire shots! Now I know a photog who could do some wicked work with that, Ren hey Ren where are you :) hehe.

This is what you get when the channel mixer in photo shop is used on the previous image. I am not a huge fan of yellow foliage but perhaps this would be good with architecture? Will have to try it out.

This is when the previous image has its hue and saturation adjusted in PS. I do like this and can see I will use it somewhat, this is what you would get from a standard IR filter.

This is when the yellow foliage image is converted to black and white in PS, I love Black and White.

I didn't select the best bushes in the back yard as the ones on the left are very thick and matted but with it being winter and little time to catch a shot with the sun out I think it worked okay for a test.

Now I haven't gone into great depths here, I am just showing how this has worked with my camera. For a really in depth how to, follow the tutorials at Life Pixel. I hope you get your filter from them also, they have invested a lot of time getting it right for us to enjoy IR photography without limitations.

So how do you do an infrared camera conversion in Perth Western Australia? Order your filter of choice from Life Pixel and get the folks at Hartland Camera Repairs to do the conversion for you. No need to stress out having to send your camera overseas, the people from Hartlands give great service and do a top job.
I have no affiliation with either of these businesses, I simply think they do a great job which is something I greatly appreciate.

Cheers Y.