Thursday, 24 March 2011

An introduction

"Finally" I hear my friends mutter as they stumble across my first ever blog, actually a few may almost be reeling as they have only just recovered from my new and again first facebook page, but that is more directed to my beady supply site, for now anyway.

So here we are, I welcome your company and your willingness to spend a little of your precious time reading my humble blog :)

I am one of those people with the ability to project into the future, to see the finished result before work has begun. This may sound like an amazing feat and that I should somehow be living a life of wondrous achievements, but alas this is not so. Instead I find myself with dreams, half completed jobs and just a few completed works. I am a planner, a reader, a researcher and a motivator (of others!) but not so much a doer. I envy the creative people I see jump in all hands on deck, throwing caution to the wind, turfing the "instruction manual" out the door and just getting down to the job. I am not a total lost cause, I have learnt quite a bit through study at TAFE and Fremantle arts centre plus photography workshops but I have so much more I want to master, I need to simply buckle down and get on with it and STOP the dreaming.

So here I am starting a blog, and here you are reading my ramblings. I figure if I post here that you will hold me accountable, you will be waiting in the wings for that new piece of jewellery I said I was working on, that technique I am developing, that image I am chasing. It is all so easy to stumble along the way, to wander off in a different direction when there is no one cracking the proverbial whip behind you.

I have come to the conclusion that you can't do it all, well at least I can't, I need to take on a couple of goals at a time.
So now for the accountability!
In my jewellery adventures I am going to concentrate mainly (still cant totally commit can I?) on Chainmaille and wire work for the next couple of months. I am not going to say how many pieces I will get done, that will depend on how much time business and family take up. However when I find I have time these are the two techniques I will be devloping so stay tuned. Oh as for photography, I need to sit in front of the computer and work my way through Photo shop and Capture NX2 so there wont be as much to show there, simply because by the time I finish working (at the computer) I fall asleep if I look at the screen for too much longer lol ;)

I do have completed jewellery works though and have poped a wee few images up now just to show that I am for real :) well we all like to show off our accomplishments to a captive audience at times don't we, and the ever tolerant family can get a bit "yeah what ever" ;)

Ciao Y


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging, Yvonne. ;-)

  2. Go Yvonne, making it into the blogging world. ANOTHER thing to do regularly LOL.

  3. Precisely Annette, its a a dilema hey :)