Thursday, 7 April 2011


Hi, hold on a mo, I just need to pop myself through the photo copier so I can create a carbon copy and then I should be right! Well I would if I could, but I don't have a photocopier and its getting close to midnight, I don't think I can squeeze through the fax/copy machine.
This reminds me of a  film I saw, for the first time mind, the other day with Michael Keaton and Andy MacDowell - Multiplicity (1996). Doug (Keaton) cant cope with both family and work so has a clone created, which results in a second clone and then a third, four Doug's in total.
Anyway I would be happy with just one more me at the moment, but then again, if I have an Yvonne MK II to do the house work and chores, I could have an Yvonne MK III to work and that would leave me Yvonne MK I, the original, to simply chill out and indulge in my passions, aah, bliss. Oh mind you don't make a copy from a copy as you can get into all sorts of problems, always use the original ;)
So where am I going with this you ask,? Good question.
Well, while as promised, I have been working on Viking knit, trying out a new little kit along with some plated copper wire. As well as continuing to weave 14 meters of fine silver wire into chain, at this moment Rumpelstiltskin comes to mind, lol. Alas I have no creations to feature here this week, and if I cant have another me perhaps just a spare set of hands would help.
Orders arrive full of beady goodness and I don't even get to open the packages on the same day, now "thats just not cricket" mate. Rings are here ready to weave into chain maille and new wubbers lay idle waiting to be played with. Everything sits nicely in a new portable maille storage system (plastic box) that sits idle on the lounge, in full view, just to be sure I don't forget my promise.
Meanwhile in the office my desk is over flowing with Czech beads, at least they have been photographed so they have moved from the portable studio, read - kitchen table, though they need to be listed. Then there is the order from the US wholesaler! that got here in record time and hasn't been opened. I was sort of relying on it arriving next week when the beads would be done and dusted! lol
So after all that I guess I am saying that times have been busy, that I am creating, but just as fine wine and cheese need time to mature to be truly memorable, so do my works in progress.

Thank you for checking out my ramblings, its way past my bedtime, good night Y   Zzz.....snore


  1. Mmmm, those Czech beads sound really interesting, Yvonne. A copy of myself would be incredibly handy, but would happen if she started wanting a life of her own, too? ;-)

  2. Oh they are very scrummy Heather, totally drawing me in, I can see a range of Czech jewellery developing. That would be a problem hey, better just stick to one of us then :)